You Can Buy a .ae Domain in Just Four Steps

A domain name (the name of your website) is the first crucial element required if you plan on starting an online business or blog. Those who are not tech-savvy tend to think buying a domain name is a complicated process, but it is quite simple.

A domain name is the web address that people search in search engines. To put it simply, an IP address is a website’s GPS coordinates and a domain is its street address. So, if you are launching a website in the UAE with the target audience mostly based in and around the UAE then you buy a .ae Domain. It will lead to increased popularity, better clickability, and higher search engine ranking. 

People face a lot of difficulties in purchasing a .ae extension but here in this post, you will get a complete guide on how to purchase a UAE Domain for a website. So let’s begin!

Domain Name vs URL – What’s The Difference? 

The uniform resource locator (URL), commonly known as a web address, includes the domain name as well as the protocol and path of a site.
For Example: in the URL, is the domain name, while HTTPS is the protocol. 

Within the Five Steps, You Can Buy a .ae Domain

Within the Five Steps, You Can Buy a .ae Domain

Step 1: Choose a Reliable Domain Registrar 

The first step to buy a .ae Domain you need to choose a Reliable Domain Registrar. You know that when you search on the internet for “Domain Provider in UAE” then you find more options. There are many providers who sell the UAE Domain but all are not the best. There are few providers who are best. Take the time and do proper research before choosing a Domain provider. When you choose a Domain provider make sure you read out all the terms and conditions. Because most people cannot read out the terms and conditions in a proper way and Domain providers take advantage of this.

In the starting phase, they offer a .ae domain registration at a low cost but the after a year they charge a high cost for renewal of the .ae Domain. 

Introduce a Hostbillo – a Reliable Domain provider in UAE

If you want to purchase a Domain .ae then buy it from Hostbillo. Hostbillo is a trusted, Reliable, and reputed domain provider in UAE. we already discussed that there are many providers but all are not the best. There are a few providers who are best and a Hostbillo Hosting solution is one of them. Most providers give the First preference to earn more profit but the first aim of Hostbillo is to give excellent and satisfactory results. With a .ae domain Registration, Hostbillo gives many benefits such as:- 

  • High-level Data Security
  • 10,000 Subdomains
  • Easy & Quick Setup
  • Domain Lock
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Step 2: Find a Domain Availability Checker Tool 

The second step is to choose a domain name and check its availability. These steps tell whether you choose a domain that is available or not. If your chosen domain name is not available then choose another domain. If your domain is available to buy then go through the next step. 

Step 3: Buy .ae Domain and Complete its Registration 

Once you choose a Domain name then it’s time to buy a .ae domain. When you buy a .ae domain from Hostbillo,  you’ll find out the annual price and if discounts apply. 

During the .ae domain registration, you will give basic information during the checkout process such as email address, etc. 

Step 4: Verify Ownership of Your UAE Domain 

Paying money to buy a .ae domain this step seems like a final step. But you verify the ownership. In this step, an email is sent to protect your information from being misused by others.

If you want to buy .ae Domain through the Hostbillo then this step is so simple. After the registration is completed then you will receive an email. You can click on the button which is available in the email and go through the next steps. And finally, you can start building your brand with your domain.


Not only choosing a domain provider in UAE is a challenging task, but choosing a domain name is also difficult and challenging. Because in the near future your websites are in the hands of the domain providers so take time and do the proper research about the company then after the .ae domain buy. There are some points that you consider in the domain name such as avoiding numbers and hyphens and keeping it short and specific.

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