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The objective of marketing was to draw the most attention to your service or product’s message as you can and guarantee the customer receives a certain percentage of the purchase. Direct radio mail advertising and yellow pages ads on TV, magazine advertisements as well. These are just a few of the more common methods used to promote. Unfortunately, these methods don’t work as well as the majority of consumers aren’t aware about “one-way” advertisements. The messages are getting repetitive and people aren’t trusting ads. A recent study found that just fourteen percent believe in ads and that the opinions of their peers influence 76 percent of them. This is why marketers are searching for new ways to reach out to potential customers.

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Marketing via the Internet was first discovered through websites and the optimization of websites by employing SEO or search engines optimization (SEO) methods. Although it’s a successful technique, SEO has been updated by web 2.0 strategies, like Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing involves businesses use internet 2.0 platforms like blogs and social media sites (like Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Twitter, and YouTube) as well as other tools. The advantage of using social media web 2.0 tools over traditional advertising techniques or traditional marketing websites is that they permit communication to be done in two different ways. Users are empowered to create content, while companies get recognized by their interaction with their customers.

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The days of blasting messages regarding your products or services to the public and waiting for the reaction to be positive has been over. Customers aren’t buying from companies that aren’t honest and unrepresentative. Customers don’t just watch the person who is behind the scenes. They are also interested in the opinions of other customers who of your product or service. However, it’s not yet an entirely replacement for other methods of marketing. Recently I was part of the “expert panel” at a marketing event where the audience was completely amazed by the potential that social media has. In one instance, attendees were required to give their views about the advantages of this rapidly growing medium.

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When I was asked to address the group, I told the group that, even though I was of the opinion that this could be an immense benefit for marketers, I was worried that some people were focusing too much energy and focus on this issue. I mentioned that, in my view there was likely to be not a huge “first-mover advantages” in the process of figuring out the most effective way to promote your business through social media. It was essential to make use of direct mail, email sales direct, phone sales, and the other channels in today’s marketplace.

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I advised that people keep updated with the latest trends regarding social media. It is important to continue to experiment and experimenting, however, no one has yet discovered a way to track the outcomes on these potential opportunities. It is important not to get involved in demand generation methods that we’ve identified as successful. The statements drew a lot of stares. I was annoyed that I had stated that I was anticipating an enormous revival from Yellow Pages advertising.

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