Why Verizon hotspot is not working and how to fix it?

It is no secret that Verizon is one of the biggest names in the telecommunications market and has been dominating the scene in several regions for as far as one can remember. Apart from the popular email service, the firm also has tons of other things in store for the users, one of them being cellular services. 


But users have often complained that they are facing issues where the personal hotspot for Verizon is not working. In case you are facing a similar situation with the Verizon hotspot, read this article till the end to know how to fix it with relative ease.


But before we get into that, let us get to know what a mobile hotspot is for the general audience. 


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What exactly is a mobile hotspot?


In simple terms, it is a feature that allows users to share the cellular services of their phone with other devices. This may come off as something different when compared to portable and public hotspots and here is how;


  • As opposed to a portable hotspot, a personal hotspot comes off as a device that is available through the Wi-Fi carrier. The device uses a mobile network to establish a connection with the internet, and similar to the device has a Wi-Fi network of its own.
  •  Public hotspots are those that are accessed for free and you may have come across one in a coffee shop or at the airport. 


The working of a hotspot may seem complex to some but it is not as hard as it seems. For most mobile devices, smartphones specifically come with built-in features that allow users to access the mobile data, further allowing them to transmit it to other devices. Such wireless transmitters act as the hotspot that can be turned on from the settings menu with relative ease. 


In comparison to public hotspots, mobile hotspots are much safer to use since users get the option of putting added security measures. This further allows users to protect their information and data from potential threats, something which is not possible on a public network. 


Let us now get to know why the Verizon mobile hotspot is not working and what can be done to fix it. 


Why is the Verizon Hotspot not working?


Even though the idea of the mobile hotspot is safer, users can often come across common issues that may cause severe inconvenience to them. Here are some potential reasons why the issue of “why is my hotspot not working Verizon” is popping up. 

  • Settings


This may sound stupid but the foremost thing that one should keep an eye on is to ensure that they have actually turned on the feature on their device.

Chances are that you may also be unable to connect to the network due to an incorrect password or the wrong name or due to some VPN settings that you may have configured while using the settings. 

  • Mobile data and signal strength 


Can’t get any service on your mobile device? Weak signal strength is to blame when your hotspot is not working. It is common knowledge that your device also needs a mobile data connection and if it is not there, or if you have exhausted your plan, establishing a connection might not be possible.

  • Carrier issues


Check to see that your data plan has hotspot capabilities as it is often seen that there is a need to add it before one can actually make use of it. 


How to fix Verizon Hotspot issues?


  • Keep a close eye on the software updates
  • Try to lower down the frequency band on your device
  • By resetting the network settings
  • Users can also try to adjust their Wi-Fi settings or the VPN settings
  • By turning off the low battery mode and restarting the device

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