Toy Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Kids’ Room

Kids love toys. You can find tons of toys in your kids’ rooms. When they are away from books, they play with their toys, but it often irritates parents as they are to clean after them. Having their toys scattered – under the bed, on the bed, in the wardrobe and on bookshelves – even the most beautiful room looks dishevelled.

It takes a lot of energy to clean after kids, and sometimes it seems frustrating. The best way is to improve the storage. Not always your kids are at fault. If their room looks untidy, the lack of storage space may be the reason.

Toy Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Kids’ Room

This blog discusses how you can improve the storage for toys to declutter your kids’ room. Here are some of the creative and affordable ideas to achieve your goal:

Use wire baskets and hanging baskets

Cheap wire baskets can be the best source for organising your toys. You can buy these baskets from any store, and Online stores will let you avail them at better prices. However, you can make them on your own, with just little hard work and no need to spend money.

You can create the one as per the size you need. You do not need to be an expert DIYer, and the purpose is to create the space. You can put stuffed toys in these baskets and hang them on the wall. As they are made of plastic wires, they can bear the weight of toys.

They will not fall off the hook onto the ground. If you do not like the idea of a wire basket, hanging baskets will be the best bet. Hanging colourful laundry baskets is apt for keeping stuffed toys.

Tell your child that they can keep as many toys in them as there are pockets. You can hang these baskets over the backside of the door. No extra room will be occupied with these baskets.

Large toy box

Your kids may have large toys, and you cannot keep them in any type of basket. They are generally ideal for small toys. To keep large toys, you can have a large box. You can find them in stores that particularly fit your needs.

However, it is likely that the design you are looking for is not available there. You can use the wooden crate to keep your kids’ toys. You can turn it into a box by using wooden pallets.

You can build it on your own or buy the crate from a farm. You will have endless sizes. This technique seems to be the best for keeping large toys like a teddy bear.

Dollhouse bookcase

If you have a girl child, you will have to make different arrangements for storing their toys. The Dollhouse Bookcase is girly and fantastic. You can adorn it so it fits the room. It is up to you whether you want to keep it as a stand-alone case or want to keep it alongside the bed.

Since this will come with different sizes of shelves, it will be easier for your child to keep all of her toys in it. You can give your own ideas to let your child make the most of it. If you want to embellish it, ask your gild child how she wants to decorate it.

Large toy chest

A large toy chest is the best option to keep large toys, and the best part of it is that it does not look odd when you keep it in the bedroom. It will finely look like a piece of furniture compatible with the rest of the things, and nothing will look awkward and messy.

You can keep the room tidy by hiding all toys in it. You do not need to run for hanging baskets and dollhouse bookcases when you have a toy chest.

You can simply keep all toys in it. Whenever your children need them, they can take them out of it. You can get chests in various sizes, and since they will be decorated, they do not look odd.

Cube shelves

You can buy cube shelves and mount them on the wall. These shelves will be the best solution to organise your kids’ rooms. Whether it is books or toys, you can fit everything on these shelves. The good thing is that they are cheap and you can mount them anywhere.

It is not necessary to hang them on the wall. They come in various designs that you can simply put in the corner of the room. If you use such shelves, you can keep changing their place.

Hanging pockets beside the bed

This is the best way to store toys for your kids, but this will keep small toys. If your child wants to keep them beside the bed, you can use hanging pockets beside the bed. In fact, you can hang them on the sides of the bed. Your child does not need to get out of bed if they are lying in it.

Since it will have multiple pockets, you can keep small items like erasers and pencils that your child often needs. In rest pockets, you can keep toys that they can access anytime without any discomfort.

DIY parking garage

This is the best storage idea for boys. They love owning car toys, and if they have multiple cards, it becomes quite challenging to keep them in an organised way. Well, now you do not need to worry because you can make a parking garage to keep all cars in it.

Of course, you will have to make it on your own. You need a wooden crate that can be old and PVC pipes. You can stick those PVC pipes in the crate, and in it, you can keep cars. This will be the perfect garage for cars.

The bottom line

All these ideas can help you keep your kids room tidier. These ideas will not cost you a small fortune, and however, you can take out urgent doorstep loans if you still need money. Use the toy as mentioned earlier storage ideas and make declutter your kids’ room.

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