Top 5 camping sites near Pune

Pune is a pleasant historical city with cool weather, rich culture, and ancient heritage. The place is home to some of the best educational institutes and IT firms along with Bengaluru. The city is a perfect blend of modern, historic, religious, and natural aspects. Since it is nestled in the western ghats, there are several exciting camping sites in and around the city with beautiful hill views. 

The Glamping Village 

Situated right at the outskirts of the city, glamping village is a lowkey basic and simple campground. The property provides tents, meals, and ambiance for their guests and a stunning view of the Sahyadris.  The glamping village lights up in bright lights at night giving it a young hip vibe and an outdoor pool. The meals provided are exceptionally tasty according to our guests. 

Saffron Camping Resort

Saffron Camping resort categorizes into a luxury and relaxed camping area. The property provides tents, tent houses, dome views, and awesome sunset views by the lake. The ambiance of this place is laid back with good music and good people. They also offer dorm rooms for a bigger group of friends and family. The meals provided are home-cooked and healthy. The best feature about the place is it is located right by Bhor Dam which shines at night from ambient soft lights. You can also go for a swim or read a book by the shore and have a peaceful weekend. 

Camper’s Creek Pune

Situated right at the banks of Gunjawni river, Camper’s creek is a campground specifically for young people. The vibe of the place is trendy and vibrant which suits perfectly for a bigger group of friends. The tents and the surroundings are open creating ample space for outdoor activities and partying. The location riverside makes it even more fun to stroll alongside the shore or even go for a swim. Often bikers of Pune drive to nearby campsites for an adventurous weekend, full of nature and bliss.

Lakeview Camping

This is by far the most famous camping site near Pune. Lakeview camping is set right beside the picturesque Devadi dam. The campsite is famous among young people and couples. The tents light up at night with bright lights and ambient music. During winters, specifically, post-monsoons, the fog covers up the campsite and the lake. The food provided is top quality and you can also choose to boat in the nearby lake with your family. The vibe of this is phenomenal and worthy of repeated visits.  Have bonfire nights with your friends, jam to your favorite tunes as the fog gradually covers the campsite. 

Camp Stories Camping Site

Right at the edge of the famous Khadakwasla lake of Pune, Camp stories offer you musical nights, movie nights, gaming nights, and bonfire nights. The simple laid back camping site offers authentic home-cooked Maharashtrian pure veg thali for meals. They also offer tents and a sitting area for live music and movie screening.  Experience a unique feeling of watching movies outdoors with your friends and family. 

The majority of campsites in Pune are set beside lakes, rivers, and dams. This adds value to the stay of their guests. There is something special about staying near a waterfront surrounded by open fields and hills afar. The majority of the campsites offer meals or barbeque options for their guests. There is tremendous scope for outdoor activities like swimming and games which is something all anyone needs. Get back to your childhood days when you played outside with your friends for the whole summer vacation. The key feature of these campsites is spending the night in the softly lit tents around a bonfire. The campsites are not very hectic in terms of outdoor adventurous activities; rather they focus on recreation and relaxing time to spend with yourself and your loved ones. 

Nevertheless, there are resorts which offer even better spaces for families and even your pets. Pune hardly ever disappoints you in terms of a lit night. No matter how impromptu the plan may be, there will always be three or more campsites within a driving distance, closer to the city. The treks around Pune are mostly  short treks which last for a day. If you are looking for an extended period of fun and adventure, camping sites are the best to go. The best time to go camping in Pune would be post monsoons and winter when the land is dry and the climate is pleasant. 

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