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Kashmir must be felt. Its beauty and appeal will be etched in your memory for a long time. To see this heaven on earth, still, you mustn’t just visit and stay. You must do activities – all of the most amazing activities to do in Kashmir – you must try them. That’s the only way to see what these amazing denes have partaken in their handbasket of virtuousness.

top activities

The piece lists 23 must-have gests in Kashmir in 3sub-sections – top activities to do in Kashmir, top adventure conditioning to do in Kashmir, and spiritual conditioning to do in Jammu and Kashmir. The list offers complete information about this conditioning, and also gives you enough fodder to plan your vacation in Kashmir.

Kashmir is really the most gorgeous destination in India. If you want to witness heaven on Earth also Kashmir is the place to be at. You must plan your visit to Kashmir according to the season that will make your holiday extraordinary.


During these seasons the rainfall is heavenly and you can spend your days exploring around while cool breath soothes your body. The time to visit Kashmir is between March to August and to make your trip memorable you must visit during these months.


Top Activities To Do In Kashmir

Substantially located in the Himalayan ranges, Kashmir offers a plethora of gests that one must take by indulging in the below listed instigative activities to do. The position and the terrain make some of the activities exclusive to this destination, so go ahead and enjoy all of these. Take a look!


  1. Shikara Lift

Lay back and respect the beauty of the distant mountains as your boatman takes you through a lift across the lake. Down from the hustle-bustle of the weakened megacity life, a shikara lift ranks on the top of the list of activities to do in Kashmir. No bank or sound of the vehicles, no high-pitched angry crowd, nothing. Just the soft sound of the boatman’s oarsman breaking the face of the water and the touch of the cold water as you track your hand on the face of the lake.


Timings 600 am – 500 pm; all days of the week

INR 150 to INR 250 per person


  1. Houseboat Stay

And it isn’t just the shikhara rides in Dal Lake, this is one of the odd activities to do in Srinagar. Spending a night at the houseboat docked at the Dal Lake quay is also among the top activities to do in Kashmir. Be it honeymooners, families, or solo trippers; a night stay at one of the houseboats in Srinagar is a commodity that you simply can’t miss.

The houseboats have WIFI and field transfer installations available. You can also mileage of the installations of the mess handed by them. Houseboat stay installation in Jammu and Kashmir is to witness if you’re then with your family, a group of musketeers, or with your mate.


3.‘Gondola’Cable Auto Lift

Riding the Gondola string auto is one of the instigative and delightful activities to do in Kashmir for people of all periods. Excursionists prefer to travel via string auto to enjoy the views of the snowcapped mountains. Taking a Gondola lift is one of the activities to do in Kashmir in May because during this month, the summers are coming to an end and the view is really great.

The lift takes place in three phases.

  • One Gulmarg to Kongdoori
  • Phase two Kongdoori to Apharwat Peak
  • Phase three Shoulder Chair Lift from Kongdoori to Mary

Timings 1000 am – 500 pm ( Lift)| 900 am – 300 pm ( Ticket trade); all days of the week


Cost Per Person INR 600 ( Phase I)| INR 800 ( Phase II)| INR 300 (Chair Lift)| Cost Per 


Person INR 600 ( Phase I)| INR 800 ( Phase II)| INR 300 (Chair Lift)| Cost Per Person INR 600 ( Phase I)| INR 800 ( Phase II)| INR 300 (Chair Lift)


  1. Pony Lift Excursions

Pony is a common mode of transport in the denes of Kashmir. Taking a short pony lift in the beautiful denes is another intriguing thing to do in Kashmir. Pony lifts in Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Yusmarg, and Gulmarg are veritably popular. Pony lifts are more common in places where transport can not be motorized. Taking a pony lift is a great way to enjoy the real-life of Jammu and Kashmir.


  1. Old Srinagar Heritage Walk

They say, walk further to know more. And the same is true with Srinagar. Taking a perambulation is one of the activities to do in Srinagar. With some structures over 4 centuries old and auditoriums that are no lower than a paradise, the megacity has an armature that’s told by 3 different styles and 3 different persuasions.

Walking through the old city is one of the peaceful activities to do in Kashmir. Take a walk through the lanes of the old Srinagar that has old requests of spices, dry fruits and vestments.

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