Technology From Lab to Real-life: Applied AI!

Artificial Intelligence had been a theoretical concept nurtured in computer labs for a long. It was in the year 1950 that the great Alan Turing proposed the concept of intelligent machines in his research paper ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence. Since then, the world of technology has undergone several changes through a revolution that significantly changed the world we live in. Today we thrive in a world where Artificial Intelligence has been made a reality and we use it, depend on it and leverage it in our daily lives. The concept of applied AI has made it possible to bring AI from the lab to real life!

Interestingly today with an applied AI course in India you can not only increase your employability several times but also give your career a definite boost. In the post-pandemic market conditions, it has become vital for organizations to have a strong data-driven approach and to leverage advanced techniques like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for increased scalability, growth, and automation. This has increased the already surging demand for professionals skilled in AI and if you can gain the in-demand skills through an applied AI course then it would be highly rewarding!

Journey of AI from computer labs to real life:

When Turing envisaged the idea of intelligent machines, computers were far from any such thing. Back then computer systems could only execute commands but could not store them. The first serious high-level discussion was the one hosted by McCarthy and Minsky, namely Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence. The next couple of years saw the field of AI go through several successes and roadblocks mainly because of a lack of research funding and apprehensions about the concept of AI.

The first true triumphant moment of AI was achieved when in 1997 the great Gary Kasparov, reigning world chess champion was defeated by Deep Blue, an AI-driven computer program that played chess. In the 21st century, the digital revolution greatly enabled AI to transform from a lab-grown concept to everyday reality. Data availability and storage which is a key part of training AI or ML models were no longer a problem as billions across the world started using the Internet and the global consumer behavior started to rapidly change. Today at this age of the fourth industrial revolution or IR 4.0, the role played by highly efficient and intelligent machines truly showcases the power and progress of Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), both are advanced domains of Artificial Intelligence. AI which was once thought to be impossible is now so advanced that it has branches like ML and DL which mimic the human learning process and the neural structure of human brains!

The concept of Machine Learning enables experts to train machines with historic data so that the machine can learn just like a human being would and then take decisions on its own. This is also called unsupervised machine learning and is essentially a path-breaking step in the domain of Artificial Intelligence towards limitless progress.

Deep Learning or DL is born as a subset of Machine Learning itself. It utilizes computer algorithms structured in layers to mimic the human brain known as ‘Artificial Neural Networks’ or ANN. A properly built ANN can enable a machine to make intelligent decisions on its own!

Some cool real-life applications of AI, ML, and DL:

Virtual Assistants: Today almost all business organizations utilize virtual assistants to engage with customers and help customers in real-time with personalized shopping experiences or secure financial transactions or simply in negotiating through a website or an application. Machine Learning has helped engineers to develop virtual assistants with the ability to follow voice commands.

Self-Driving cars: Yes, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, self-driving cars are now a reality, and AI experts in companies like Tesla have successfully brought the theoretical concept of intelligent cars from labs to real life!

Self-diagnostic kits: AI has made it possible for the medical world to seek help from machines in diagnosis and prognosis. Today there exist several self-diagnostic kits to help patients with the diagnosis of diseases from home before visiting a doctor!

Thus, research and development in the field have turned the once-unimaginable concept of AI into a reality. If you are an AI enthusiast and want to build a career in this revolutionary world of technology then applied Ai can be a very smart choice for you!


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