Step By Step Guideline To Draw A Hoodie

Drawing poses numerous challenges when taking on an entirely new subject. Most of the time, it’s things that we encounter the most often in our daily lives that can prove to be challenging to sketch.

Clothing is among the items that we’re very acquainted with, yet can pose an enormous challenge when it comes to drawing.

We’ve all been in a hoodie at some time or another, but when you’ve tried to draw one, you may be surprised to find it more difficult than it seems!

In this step-by-step hoodie drawing in only 6 steps, you’ll see that it’s not difficult at all!

Drawing a Hoodie Let’s Get Started!

To start this tutorial on drawing a hoodie, let’s start by describing the part of the hoodie that is named after The hood!

It’s an easy task that we can draw the hood in by drawing an angular line that is similar to the one on our image reference. Once we have drawn the hood now, we can proceed to the second step!

Then, you can begin with the arms of the Hoodie

After you’ve drawn the hood in, you are now able to begin to draw the arms of the hoodie. For the arm to the left side, simply draw a line starting just above the point where the left side of the hood begins.

The line that runs through this arm will curvature sharply before heading towards the hood. Once you have the arm in place you can repeat the process, but mirroring it to the right-hand side.

The next step is to include a body on the hoodie

After you’ve got your arms and hood done then you can proceed towards the rest of the hoodie! This step isn’t too difficult If you’ve reached this point!

With the reference image as a reference, the line for the hoodie’s body begins underneath your arm.

It is close to the uppermost point of the airline however there should be a tiny distance between them.

Hoodies’ body is going to be a rectangle-like form and will begin at the elbows and then end there.

The shape of the hoodie is a little rectangular, make sure you have a slight curve in the corners of your hoodie.

You can also draw additional features into your Hoodie

In this part of our tutorial on drawing the hoodie, we will be adding more details.

The first thing to note is that a hoodie can seem a little useless if it did not have an opening that your head could pass through! We don’t want it to become a useless hoodie and so we’ll add an opening to the hoodie’s design.

The shape of this hole is round at the top but will finish with a more sharp, thin puncture on the bottom in the bottom of the jacket.

Once you’ve got this essential element of the hoodie we’ll put on some cuffs on the hoodie. For this, simply draw some thin designs on the ends of the arms of the hoodie.

After you’ve completed that after that, you can draw an identical shape to the lower part of the hoodie’s body. When it’s similar to the image, you’re ready to add some last details!

Let’s draw the last few details now.

Your hoodie drawing is almost finished now! You’ll be able to fill it with some color soon However, before this, we need to complete the final details of the drawing.

you can use wrinkled lines under the hole in the head to create the hoodie’s string.

Add some lines that are slightly curled to the hoodie’s body to create pockets for it.

Then, just add lines to the patterns you created on the ends of the arms as well as the body of the hoodie to add additional texture details.

These are the only details we’d like to include, but please feel free to add any fun things you’d like!

Make sure you finish your hoodie with color

The hoodie has been drawn, the last details are added, and you’re almost at the end of this tutorial on drawing the Hoodie!

We hope that you had fun drawing your hoodie since, at this point, the fun never ends! In this stage, you must let your imagination fly and show us the creativity you’ve got!

We colored our picture a beautiful light blue. So this is a way to approach it! It’s not a good idea to let this define your creativity, however, and it is best to use whatever color you are drawn to!

Another great way to personalize your hoodie design is to add a fun pattern to the front of your hoodie.

This could mean any logo from your favorite musician or movie or even the image of a pet you love!

What style and colors do you think you’d include in this Hoodie? It is also possible to try some amazing art tools like watercolors, paints, or colored pens to get some amazing color detail!

Your Hoodie Drawing is Complete!

After you’ve put in your colors and final designs, you’ve finished this tutorial on drawing a sweatshirt!

This guide was designed for you to ensure that this sketch is easier to handle by breaking it into manageable steps, therefore we hope that it was enjoyable and useful for you.

We’re sure that if you follow these instructions and take your time you’ll draw a stunning Hoodie in no time.

After you’ve got the fashion sketch template and colored, what are you going to do to personalize it? Through some exciting coloring options, art mediums, and other details such as logos, you could truly add a unique twist to the sketch. We’re eager to see what you create for your personality!

We’ve got a lot of additional step-by-step drawing guides that will be due out shortly Please remember to keep checking our website frequently to ensure you don’t miss out!

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