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This is a question with no clear answer. There’s no official retirement age, nor is there an established set of guidelines which means that each player will have to make their own decision when they feel it is appropriate. For some, it may be apparent following an unlucky streak. Some will carve up to the pleas of friends and family after suffering several knockouts, while others may decide to call it quits after the pains, aches, and injuries from the years of fighting are a burden. Most mixed martial artists were born fighters with an inherent determination to compete that’s not quickly squelched. It’s part of their nature to fight against odds, so many fights on long after the writing is off the wall custom boxing belts.

In the initial two parts of this article, we take a look at some of the top fighters and former champions from the UFC’s previous guard. We also examine who can offer something and those wise to put down their gloves and relax in retirement. The most seasoned veteran, Randy Couture, has redefined the age at which MMA competitors are considered to be able to compete at a high standard. Couture began his MMA career at the age of 34 and was crowned the UFC 13’s heavyweight championship custom leather belts winner in only two fights.

He was unable to defend his title as a heavyweight last year, at 45 years of age. In September, he was awarded the title ‘Fight of the Night’ in his most recent fight with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Despite losing his two previous bouts, Couture still appears to be in top physical shape for his age. His three-round fight against Nogueira showed he has the stamina and ability to take on the top of the line. The length his body can keep going is not something anyone can tell with certainty.

Couture has recently agreed to a six-fight deal that spans 28 months. He’ll turn 48 if he makes it through to the final. Verdict The verdict: If his time in the Octagon has been a lesson for us and that’s that it’s never prudent to dismiss “The Natural.” Being one of the most recognizable sports big names, Couture is expected to continue to take on the best names that the UFC offers and should he return to the abilities that earned him the most fame over the years, such as his boxing and wrestling abilities, he could remain a threat to anyone he fights custom belts.

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The legendary ground and punch Mark Coleman is the second oldest fighter currently on UFC’s roster. While his physique remains impressive at 44 years old age, injuries and time have certainly taken their knock on one of UFC’s early superstars.

The two fights he has fought in the Octagon following his return after a decade-long absence have shown him the courage to fight, but there’s no denying the slow movement and fatigue that are now a part of the old Custom Championship Belts. Also, there is an uneasy atmosphere of anxiety during his fights which is likely rooted in the fact that losing his record could mean the end of his career.

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