Similarities Between Human Mandala And Printed Mandala


‘Mandala’ word is derived from Hindu language and ideally its meaning is concentric energy circle. For many of the traditions and cultures, circles represent completeness, protection, and goo luck. In the past, Mandalas have been used as spiritual teaching tools.

establishment of the sacred space

in an establishment of the sacred space for meditation purposes and also for focusing people’s attention towards a common goal in spiritual performances. Lately, the Mandala tapestry has moved to the next level where people appreciate its elegance, uniqueness that comes with the various patterns formed by mandalas. The result is that many people are now appreciating its artistry behind the Mandala designs. 

discovery and embrace of human mandala

The most interesting part is that the discovery and embrace of human mandala have taken the aspect of mandalas to an entirely different level. Mandalas help people in realizing that human beings can come together to form beautiful shapes and elegant patterns associated with various mandalas have sparked a lot of interest.

And in the greater interest is that printed mandalas are commonly used in decorations which bear close resemblance with the human mandalas. There are also some similarities between the human mandala and printed mandala, so lets see the similarities between them:-

  • Aesthetic Connection

One of the noticeable aspects of printed mandalas is their elegant beauty. The varied shapes and patterns formations bring with them a steady aesthetic value. And it explains why many designs like mandala wall hanging had found their way in many of the homes.

Many people buy mandala tapestry for the purpose of decorating and beautifying the environments either in the homes or in the offices. For the printed mandalas, different patterns commingle to come up with unique and appealing formations.

human mandala pattern

And the same trend is evident in a human mandala pattern. Today many people have come to recognize and appreciate the beauty that comes with the form of both printed and human mandala. It is a simple fact in which human beings can come together to form peculiar patterns in the absence of any of the designing tools which is undoubtedly resounding. As such the aesthetic value associated with the human mandala is closely related with the beauty linked to printed mandalas.

  • Both Are Meditation Tools

It has been observed earlier that the symbolic representations of printed mandalas have been used to help people to concentrate their focus. This will form the basis of spiritual mandala. The beautiful and elegant visualization of some of these mandala designs has been used during meditations and it is especially for long hours. Similarly the meditation will be achieved by the human Mandela. There is also a fun fact that many people come together to form mandala patterns as part of their meditation prerequisites.

  • Both Are Sacred

Before the evolution of mandala art into décor and fashion, the printed mandala designs were for deity. From Hindus to Buddhists, communities tried to put together the complexity and energy association universe .the  form of beautiful and attractive mandalas. Till up to date, various printed mandala designs are for the creation of sacred spaces and are only associated with spirituality.

human mandala

The same is with the human mandala. The project of human mandala best explains the sacred nature of this practice when it comes to the pattern of human mandala patterns. Coming together in forms of the peculiar patterns is associated with the special forms of energy and the things beyond human perception. Preferably, the explorers of the human mandala believe it presents people with the sacred opportunity of recognizing their true effects and reflections.


So here are some of the similarities between human mandala and printed mandala . in which we come to a point that both of the mandalas are not so different from each other. There are only minor differences between them but the similarities are more than the differences. In the house both printed and human mandalas look great and elegant. Both the mandalas help in decorating the house and looks like it is renovated. Nowadays mandalas are in trend for decorating the house with different patterns and colors.

different ways using

People can use mandalas in so many different ways like using it as curtains, bedspread, picnic sheet, sofa cover, yoga & meditation mat, furniture cover, wallpaper, chair pads, round beach blanket, round wall hangings, floor poufs, headboard, cushions, outdoor bed tent and also it can be used in ceiling tapestry. There are so many uses of both of the mandalas. for example printed and human and that’s why many people are also appreciating its artistry.


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