Scottish Managers In The English Premier League

Congratulations to Norwich City on returning to the Premier League … and with a Scottish coach. Now that means 6 out of 20 Premier League managers are Scots. Why do Premier League leaders appoint Scottish managers? Has Sir Alex Ferguson set a league precedent and set a roadmap for success in the Premier League?

There are a number of theories as to why Scottish coaches have historically performed so well in the first division of English football. One of the thoughts is the fact that they have a great work ethic thanks to their working class. Another theory is that Scots do not suffer fools and do not allow the player’s ego to dominate the locker room. For example, Sir Alex Ferguson allowed the stellar players to leave the club when they crossed the border – I think David Beckham – and when Stams was included after a dispute with him.

And most likely, the current group of Premier League Scottish managers began their coaching career while still playing. For example, David Moy obtained the coach’s credentials at the age of 22. They also have great examples to look forward to – Sir Alex Ferguson will be looking for people like Joke Stein, Bill Schenkley and, of course, Sir Matt Busby. The current Scottish Premier League coaching team is looking at Sir Alex in turn. You just have to look at the statistics to see that Scottish managers are famous for their loyalty and longevity in their clubs.

For example, Sir Alex Ferguson is the longest-running coach in the league, leading Manchester United for almost 25 years. David Moy is the fourth after 9 years of training at Everton. Paul Lambert, Steve Kin and Owen Koill have been working for their clubs (Norwich, Blackburn and Bolton respectively) for less than two years, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t run their clubs that long. Kenya Dalglis, who spent his second term in Liverpool, withdrew only from the first round due to ill health and returned to the club before being appointed ambassador to the club.

Other Scottish coaches have replaced him in the premier league with reasonable success. George Burley had an impressive career in Ipswich Town from 2000 to 2001. which culminated in the Best Manager of the Year competition and the UEFA Cup. Graham Souness has also played in the Premier League with Liverpool, Blackburn and Newcastle, Gordon Strahen (Coventry and Southampton), George Graham (Arsenal, Tottenham and Leeds), Walter Smith (Everton) and most recently Alex McLeech with Birmingham. We have also seen Joe Jordan, Gary McAllister and Steve Clark as assistant managers at Tottenham, Aston Villa and Liverpool. Steve Nicholas, John Spencer and Mo Johnston, both former Scottish national team players, are highly regarded in Major League Soccer.

Some of the game’s best critics and commentators are Scots. Andy Gray from SkySports and now talkSPORT, Alan Brazil also talkSPORT, Craig Burley ESPN and Alan Hansen BBC. People listen when they talk. When these people provide an analysis of the game, they sometimes seem harsh but authoritative, and their views are highly valued. You haven’t heard many people from the northwest or west on radio or television.

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