Troubleshoot SB001 Technical Error In Yono App

SB001 Technical Error” is the most common issue regarding the SBI Yono App. You will get a popping message on your screen “Please Try Again Later” or “We’re sorry”  and “No customers were found using this SIM card”. If you are an SBI Yono bank App user you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss how To fix the SBI Yono application’s SBI001 Technical error, by following the article till the end you will resolve this problem in no time.

How To Fix SB001 Technical Error?

At the start, check your internet connection and remove all the used Vpn before launching the SBI Yono Bank App. You have to update and reinstall the SBI YONO APP from the PlayStore or Apple Store.

Step-1. Synchronize your phone’s Date and Time.

  • Go to the setting and adjust the Time or Date correctly.
  • You can also select the Auto-date and time option.
  • Once you have adjusted the date and time now close the app and restart again.
  • If your problems remain the same then proceed to Step 2.

Step-2. All the caches and data must be erased.

  • For clearing the caches, go to Settings.
  • You have to find the option “Apps” in the Settings.
  • Now you have to select the “Manage Apps” option and then search for SBI Yono App.
  • Click on SBI Yono App and select the option “Clear cache and data” from the menu.
  • Now again open your SBI Yono App and Login yourself with your username and password.
  • Set your security pin for the Yono app and enjoy the service.

Sometimes after the App gets updated users face a problem regarding “ Register again”. This mentioned problem arises due to security reasons involving issues like you haven’t updated your password for a long time, and your complete details were not uploaded on the App. To resolve this problem follow these simple steps mentioned below.

For Updating Your Details Online

  • Open your web browser and use the link
  • Once the homepage of SBI Bank is loaded, follow the instructions given regarding making changes to the password.
  • Please check if any other necessary details are missing.

Once you have updated the password and provided the other necessary details now follow these steps.

  • Open your SBI Yono App again and go for the log-in option.
  • Generate your security pin and register yourself. 
  • Now your SBI Yono App will work smoothly.

If your problem is not solved by following the above-mentioned steps then try to contact the officials of the SBI Yono App and discuss your problem with them.

Always keep your Atm card, for backup when this problem will be encountered by you. According to the Bank, this is a temporary technical issue that will resolve soon. You are advised to reinstall and restart the app again first if you will ever face this issue.

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