Roblox’s Top 5 Horror Games

Roblox quickly rose to be a top platform for fostering a sense of community. Roblox has a wide range of games to choose from, including shooters, roleplaying, and kid-friendly. There are actually more than 100 of them if you’re curious enough to dig deeper. They all offer decent horror games, with scary stories, creepy graphics, and jump scare.

Top 5 Horror Games on Roblox

These are the top Roblox horror games:

  1. A Wolf or Other
  2. Murder Mystery 2
  3. Zombie Attack
  4. Nightmare Mines
  5. Project Lazarus: Zombies

A Wolf or Other

Similar to the Werewolf party game, “A Wolf or Other” places you in one of three camps, an innocent, hunter, or werewolf. The innocents must identify the werewolf to allow the hunter to kill him before it is too late. This game is more fun for younger people than it is for horror fans.

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery, a classic mafia game for dinner parties, is very similar to A Wolf or Other. However, it’s a murderer and not a werewolf. Similar to Among Us, the murderer must be identified by innocents. For those who enjoy a challenge, there are three modes: Casual, Hardcore, and Assassin. This mode doesn’t contain any supernatural elements, so it might be more appropriate for younger players. For more information click here.

Zombie Attack

Basically, Zombie Attack is a PG version of Call of Duty: Zombies. You fight against increasingly difficult waves of zombies and unlock better weapons along the way. However, there are some twists to the game, such as the ability to respawn as zombies if you’re killed. Although it’s a fun game with realistic graphics, it isn’t the best. Younger children might enjoy this game.

Nightmare Mines

Nightmare Mines is a combination of zombie waves and puzzles that creates an unforgettable spooky experience. This is a great option for families with children as it’s not too scary. Can you escape the Nightmare Mines Only you can find out the truth if it is played.

Project Lazarus: Zombies

This game is clearly a tribute to Call of Duty: Zombies. It offers a round-based survival mode with power-ups and barricades as well as points to purchase weapons and obstacles. This one has some blood animations, so younger children may prefer Zombie Attack.


We have shared the top 5 Roblox Horror Games your child can play with their friends (or alone) – all completely free. 

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