Practical Tips to Optimise Your Warehouse Space

Due to the space’s restricted availability, distribution centres and warehouses always struggle to efficiently optimise their available space. It is common knowledge that maintaining a sizable warehouse may be very expensive for the company. Because of this, it’s essential that distribution centres and warehouses operate as efficiently as possible and focus on optimising warehouse space. To do this, the warehouse manager needs to be creative, have a solid understanding of logistics, and incorporate new technology.

However, one of the easiest ways to optimise space is to add a mezzanine floor which you can install in your premises by contacting any dealer of mezzanine floor Melbourne wide. 

Ways to Optimise Your Warehouse Space

The Starting Point

Count the capacity and utilisation of your storage profile. Understand the flow and use of the present layout in its entirety, including the rack arrangement, the slotting/picking philosophies, the receiving, putaway, replenishment, inventory control, and the packing and shipping processes. Include seasonal peak trends and an exhaustive volume study of product flow both inbound and outward.

Use Your Vertical Space

Verify that you are utilising all of the available vertical space by looking up. Examine storage options to make the most of your clear span height. How many square feet of vertical space are wasted? Make careful to consider how your design may affect the location of your sprinklers and the fire code.

Analyse Your Department Space

In locations where lower stacking heights are required by the clear height, identify the functions that do not call for high ceilings. Where huge departments like packaging and shipping are located, we frequently observe unused overhead space.

Consolidate Locations

Consider consolidating any places where the same item is stored more than once to make better use of your warehouse space. This can be carried out both as part of the putaway procedure and separately.

Right-Size Your Slots

To make the most of the picking slot cube, match the item’s size and sales to the appropriate sized pick slot. This procedure can be made easier by having choosing slots of varied sizes. The same reasoning holds true for the places where you keep excess inventory or reserves. Keep 4–7 days’ worth of sales by SKU when forward picking to minimise replenishment.

Use Off-Site Location for Overstock

Consider offsite storage for the excess if you keep a lot of extra inventory for a small number of items. This will free up space for the fulfilment process.

Drop Shipping As An Option

If you store and transport large things, you might want to think about using drop shipping to cut down on your expenditures and in-house inventory.

Aisle Widths

How wide are the aisles in your warehouse? In order to maintain operating efficiency, try to design the lowest width necessary to meet the material handling equipment employed.

Cross Docking

To lessen the amount of inventory needing storage space, think about cross docking large releases of back orders or single-line orders.

Depth of Storage

Review the depth of storage as well as the effectiveness of using locations’ heights; for instance, take into account double-depth racking.

Mezzanine Installation

Consider using a mezzanine to house functions that don’t require high-bay storage if your building’s layout allows it. These may be pricey and relatively permanent, but they will maximise the use of warehouse space.

Keep It Simple

When choosing between a simple and a complex answer, go with the latter. Think of adding more tiers to a pallet rack, for instance. Moving racking to constrained aisles is an illustration of complexity. Do your solutions provide a positive return on investment?15–20% of the price every order is frequently made up of warehouse space. Moving to a new location is expensive and time-consuming. Make sure someone has been designated to oversee your ongoing planning and analysis of warehouse space utilisation.

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