Noble Cause Challenges – Overseas Travel and Fundraising

What is a charity challenge? According according to the Institute of Fundraising: “the factor which distinguishes a charity challenge event’ is that the participant is also receiving a more than notional benefit, which in many cases has a monetary value attached, and seeks to fundraise from supporters in respect of their participation”.

Are smaller charities able to get on the game?

In a nutshell, yes! The supporters of smaller charities can raise money by participating in any number of “open” challenges in other countries, organized by tour operators for charity challenges like Classic Tours, Charity Challenge, and The Ultimate Travel Company’s Ultimate Challenges.

Charity challenges: The pros and pros and

No doubt, international challenges can bring huge benefits for charities:

Publicity: Overseas challenges can be the perfect way to get media attention, especially if a celebrity is involved.

Support for the long-term: Charities have confirmed that the intensity of an adventure holiday challenge along with the feeling of achievement shared and real challenges overcome, usually results in long-term assistance. mid day meal

Continued exposure before the event: Kate Favell, World Experiences Event project manager for the British Heart Foundation, points out that those who participate in major travel challenges overseas are likely to be involved in fundraising for months before the event takes place. Charities thus benefit from the continued exposure of their cause.

Mission and message Double whammy For charitable organizations such as the British Heart Foundation, overseas travel challenges can be an excellent way to reinforce the lifestyles that they want to encourage more broadly exercising, healthy eating, etc.

However, there are some negative aspects. It’s crucial to consider these things:

The current economic situation has been a challenge for charities. the recession has certainly been a factor in international issues but more subtlely. As Denise Davies, Head of Community Fundraising for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, less sluggish weekends and European problems have been hampered and people are now focusing on their “must-do” experiences. mid day meal project To address this to this, MND Association has responded. MND Association has changed its strategy and is now focusing on the charity challenge in foreign countries the ‘big three’: Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu as well as Machu Picchu, and the Great Wall of China. Kate Favell at the BHF says that fundraisers are experiencing difficulties to raise funds, and are taking longer to get sponsorship. It is therefore essential to stay in contact with your those who are involved to assist them when they require extra motivation or innovative fundraising ideas.

The balance of challenge/charity Charles Getliffe, a representative of the tour operator for charity Classic Tours, warns charities not to fall prey to many extravagant events. It’s not “appropriate,” Charles says Charles for charities to establish themselves as travel agents. Less and more specific events provide a stronger signal to all.

The role of tour operators and selection

The number of businesses that specialize in charity events abroad is growing and the travel company you select will play a vital role in ensuring the success of your challenge. ngo for children In theory, tour operators manage the logistical aspects of organizing the challenge of adventure travel and charities are accountable for the promotion and collecting of funds.

In reality, it’s not always easy to determine, and tour operators typically provide extensive guidance and support for such matters as legal, marketing, and organizing. (It’s important to note that the Ultimate Travel Co.’s Ultimate Challenges recommend beginning to prepare for any international challenge twelve to fourteen months before the event.)

The Institute of Fundraising recommends investigating both the tour company and its subcontractors thoroughly. For instance, check out the safety record and ethics policy and check against any industry organizations. Be aware of your rights as a charitable organization if you’re unable to go ahead with your challenge and also, what offers the operator offers to participants. For instance, do they have to ask to sign a waiver of liability that is unreasonable?

How much could the challenges from the overseas cause?

This can differ dramatically, however, according to Charles MetLife at Classic Tours emphasizes, it is crucial to remember to follow the Guidelines of the Charity Commission in your mind. mid day meal scheme The challenge must raise 50 percent or more and should be at least 60%, which is over and above the cost of coordinating and running the challenge.

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