Know How To Solve The Issue: My Hotmail Account not Working

When users face the issue of “Hotmail is not working”, it can be annoying and frustrating as in the digital world emails play a very important role and any problem with webmail can lead to extreme loss and waste of time.

Users must be aware that Hotmail webmail no longer exists, it was shut down in the year 2013 and has been taken over by Microsoft which is now famous as Outlook webmail. If user are facing a Hotmail problem then, another thing that users need to check the email settings. 

Already existing Hotmail users can keep their email address the same as before but new users would have to create their account with Outlook as their email address and webmail.

Possible Reasons for hotmail problems:

There can be many reasons for which users are facing the “hotmail not working” issue. Take a glance at the list of reasons and solve the issue accordingly.

Reason 1: One of the most possible reasons is Server down of Hotmail.

Reason 2: When there is a Network and Internet connectivity and speed problem it can lead to hotmail problems.

Reason 3: When the web browser on which Hotmail is operating is Incompatible.

Reason 4: Users may have entered the Incorrect username or password.

Reason 5: Hotmail configuration settings are incorrect which can lead to a “Hotmail is not working” issue.

Reason 6: Problem with the device on which users are running their Hotmail account or Outlook account, can also be the cause of the hotmail account not working.

Ways To Fix The “Hotmail not working” issues:

After reading the above-listed possible reasons for “Hotmail not working” issues, users can try the given solutions and apply them accordingly.

Solution 1: Check Network and Internet Connection:

> Users must check the internet and network connection on the device.

 If there is a problem with the connection.

To fix this: Users must try rebooting or restarting their Internet Router or Modem and try again to connect it with the device and access the Hotmail Account.

Solution 2: Remove Hotmail Account and Re-Add it:

> To solve the issue of Hotmail not working, users can try the method of removing the Hotmail account and then re-add it again to the Outlook app or the web version and try to log in and operate it to check if the issue of Hotmail still exists or not.

Solution 3: Update the Outlook App or Web Browser Version:

> The web browser on which Hotmail or Outlook has been operated by the users must be updated with the latest version and should be secure to use to avoid hotmail problems.

> Similarly, the device on which users are operating their Hotmail account should be updated with the latest operating system and installed with advanced Antivirus software.

> Update the Hotmail/Outlook app from the store, to make it compatible with the service provided by Hotmail.

Solution 4: Clear Cache & Cookies:

> Users must clear the browsing history of the web browser along with cache and cookies to avoid the issue.

And also clear cache and cookies from the device. 


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