Is the Swing Handle Lock the Next Big Thing in Home Security?

Swing Handle Lock may be the latest security measure designed to prevent burglars from breaking into your home, and it’s getting rave reviews from safety experts and homeowners alike. Here’s what you need to know about this intriguing new lock that may soon be standard in all new homes and apartment buildings throughout the country. The swinging motion necessary to open this type of lock makes it virtually impossible for someone with ill intentions to force their way in a definite benefit when dealing with any type of break-in or home invasion situation. This product attaches to the back door handle of your home. The Swing Handle Lock was one of the first lines of security devices developed by Lock Solutions, Inc. and it continues to be one of the most popular options available today.

Why should you use swing handle lock for your home security

For many years now, the conventional pin tumbler has been an industry standard for residential door locks. Up until recently, this style lock had little to no competition from other kinds of locking mechanisms on the market. Lately though, there has been a shift away from what some people might call traditional locks. Of course, this also means that alternatives have started to crop up. One such alternative is called a Swing Handle Lock and it’s been getting popular fast. So just why is everyone jumping on this bandwagon? Here are just a few reasons

5 Best Swing Handle Locks

Choosing which lock to put on your door is a daunting task that, with so many options, it can seem hopeless. How do you know what will work best for your family and home’s needs? This list includes five of the best security locks that have proven themselves time and time again. 1) Kwikset – The SmartKey offers an easily programmable system for new members of your household and has one of the best innovations for side-entry doors. It also looks great with its slim profile, coming in both brushed nickel and antique brass finishes. 2) Von Duprin – With a lifetime guarantee from their manufacturer and a UL-rated housing, this lock is known as one of the most durable on today’s market. If you’re looking for a heavy duty Swing Handle Lock, look no further than the V Series. 3) Schlage – Schlage has been providing quality locks since 1873 and is still going strong today. One of their newest products, the Kevo Plus, gives users more control over who enters their home without sacrificing convenience or aesthetics. 4) Ingersoll Rand – For those who want power and durability all in one package, Ingersoll Rand delivers! Known primarily as makers of industrial tools and equipment such as compressors and air tools, they have brought these capabilities into designing high-quality security products like the Intellidrive 61820. 5) Tri-Lon Industries – A smaller company, Tri-Lon Industries designs and manufactures different variations of locks. Their latest design is a deadbolt style that installs through the top of your door jamb (or flush mounted), giving you increased protection against forced entry by installing two at once. They also offer a keyless option for people who would prefer not to carry keys around with them. These are only some of the top 5 swings handles locks out there but are sure to be game changers in home security.

Final Words

A swing handle lock is a lock that can be installed into an existing door frame. This gives you two key advantages. First, it provides you with a physical barrier to protect yourself against intruders. Second, this type of lock keeps intruders out of your home in less than 10 seconds- no matter what they might be carrying or wearing. Swing Handle Lock are also a great option for renters who want some extra security but don’t want to modify their rental unit or ask permission from their landlord. The best part about this kind of lock is that it blends seamlessly into the design and look of your doorway so it doesn’t draw attention to itself as many other safety measures would have.

How To Sell Swing Handle Lock

  1. Is the Swing Handle Lock the next big thing in home security? 2. There are many ways to make your home more secure, but not all of them are cost-effective or practical. One ingenious way to keep your home safe and feel confident about who is inside is a Swing Handle Lock for your front door. 3. These doors are on sale and you will be amazed at how easy it is to install these swing handle locks. Your new swing handle door handles come with installation instructions that will guide you through this process easily, and are made from a very sturdy metal that will protect your door from wear and tear as well as strong impacts like someone throwing heavy objects against it—something we all have nightmares about! So buy now before they’re gone because soon they’ll be sold out and then you’ll regret it!

The Ugly Truth About Swing Handle Lock

Swing handle locks are already a thing. And by thing, I mean widely hated by a whole lot of people. There’s no point trying to sugarcoat it. People hate these locks and they hate them with a passion. They can be tricky to open and they’re often criticized as being outdated, unsecure, and just plain ugly. For more information on Swing Handle Lock and what others are saying about them be sure to read this . In addition, if you want to see a great video of someone demonstrating how terrible swing handles can be, watch here. They’re easier to use: So, so much easier. With previous versions of U-shaped door locks you needed two keys – one for each side – and that led to a lot of confusion among roommates, families and guests. They’re easier to use – Second Paragraph: This lock doesn’t require any additional keys, though. It has a central locking mechanism with springs that automatically align both pieces when you push through from one side or another. The pieces lock together without any action required from your part beyond opening or closing it manually.

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