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Huffington Arianna Net Worth:

Huffington Arianna Post:

Arianna Huffington’s net worth Author, columnist, and politician Arianna Huffington has an estimated net worth of 100 million dollars. Many people consider Arianna Huffington one of the most powerful women. Her co-founding of The Huffington Post, acquired by AOL in 2011 for $350 million, was one of her many accomplishments. A 30% of its stock at the sale time Ariana held about is estimated.

As well as Uber, Thrive Global, Onex, and Global Citizen are some of the other companies she has a close relationship with. Arianna Huffington is a well-known author with many bestsellers under her belt.


Ariadna-Anna Stasinopolou was born on July 15th, 1950, in Athens, Greece, to a Greek father and an American mother. As a child, she was raised by one of her parents, who were involved in journalism and writing. At age of 16, she and her family relocated to the United States, where she attended Cambridge University. For the first time, a foreigner and a woman were elected to the presidency of the Cambridge Union.

Arianna Huffington Returned to the United States:

In the early 1970s, Arianna Huffington returned to the United States and began a relationship with author Bernard Levin, whom she met while studying in India. They spent a lot of time together, touring Europe, appearing on TV, and penning books. Levin aided Huffington in writing her first books during this time, and at the age of 30, Arianna Huffington decided to start a family. Huffington left Levin because he didn’t want any children of his own.

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 In the 1970s, after producing The Female Woman, a book that charged the feminist movement, Huffington first became well-known. She continued to write biographies into her 80s and started writing for the late-night talk show Politically Incorrect after marrying Michael Huffington, an Emmy Award-winning journalist.

Detroit Project:

When Arianna Huffington led The Detroit Project, an effort to encourage automakers to switch to alternative fuels, she became a household name. She run for Governor of California against Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003. Despite her vicious attacks on Schwarzenegger during the campaign, only 2% of the population planned to vote for Huffington. In the polls, her name remained, and she received 1% of the votes.

With Andrew Breitbart, Kenneth Lerer and Jonah Peretti, she co-founded the Huffington Post in 2005 as an alternative news platform. Unpaid bloggers and staff writers were initially featured on the Huffington Post. Despite Arianna Huffington’s previous public support for the Republican Party, The Huffington Post now leans heavily toward the Democratic side. For the first time, a commercially-run media company won a Pulitzer Prize in 2012.

Arianna Huffington As a TV Star:

As a TV star, Arianna Huffington has appeared in numerous shows, including Family Guy, Call My Bluff, Face the Music, and Real Time With Bill Maher.

By purchasing The Huffington Post for $315 million in 2011, AOL became the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group following the transaction. Before taxes, Arianna made roughly $100 million from selling her 30 per cent equity stake in her website. As part of the $4.4 billion acquisition of AOL in 2015, Verizon Wireless also purchased the Huffington Post website and is also the CEO of Thrive Global, a noteworthy business. Thrive Global was valued at $120 million in 2017 after securing $30 million in additional funding.

Career as a Journalist:

There has been some controversy surrounding Arianna Huffington’s long and fruitful career as a journalist and author. Several authors and researchers have accused her of plagiarism on numerous occasions. In 1981, Huffington was accused of plagiarising his biography of opera singer Maria Callas, which he had written himself. Huffington ended up paying Gerald Fitzergald a five-figure sum out of court.

Pablo Picasso:

Huffington’s 1988 biography of the artist, Creator and Destroyer, was also accused of plagiarism. According to Lydia Gasman, an art historian at the University of Virginia, 20 years of her work, Huffington stole parts of her unpublished PhD thesis. On the other hand, Professor Gasman did not file a lawsuit against the university. In 1993, the publication of The Gods of Greece made headlines as well. She claims that Huffington “borrowed heavily” from other authors in her book The Importance of Being Famous.

American Republican Politician:

Michael Huffington, an American Republican politician and oil millionaire, met Arianna in 1985. A year later, they get married. Michael Huffington became a member of Congress after relocating to Santa Barbara, California. An Indonesian oil and gas fortune has made Michael’s family one of the richest in the country. In addition, Michael Huffington founded and sold a merchant bank, making a sizable fortune.

United States Senate in 1994:

For the United States Senate in 1994, Michael competed against Diane Feinstein. While his net worth was $75 million, it is now approximately $130 million in current dollars. About 40% of Michael’s net worth was spent on his campaign. That’s incredible. These funds were the most lavishly spent in a presidential election in the history of the United States. Michael lost by a margin of 1.9 per cent to Feinstein.

Personal Life:

Arianna and Michael Huffington had two children together during their relationship.

Until 1990, Arianna Huffington was not a naturalised American citizen, while in India, Huffington had the opportunity to learn about various religious traditions. Werner Erhard and John-Roger Hinkins are just two of the new age spiritual leaders with whom she has developed romantic and spiritual ties. She has also written about spirituality in her books.

Arianna Divorce:

After her divorce, Arianna Huffington paid $4.1 million for an 8,000-square-foot Brentwood home in 1997. A sliding bookcase conceals Huffington’s office, protected by an electric fence. According to reports, Huffington bought an $8.1 million apartment in Manhattan’s affluent SoHo district in 2013. The apartment’s marble bathroom and stainless steel appliances total 4,177 square feet.


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