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How to Unlock a Locked Facebook Account?

Facebook Account

Does your Facebook account get locked and you are looking for a solution to how to unlock a Facebook account?

Then, this article will surely help you in getting the solution to that query of yours.

So, make sure that you stay tuned till the end to know the methods to unlock a locked Facebook account.

Methods to Unlock a Locked Facebook Account

As we quoted above, these are the Methods to unlock a locked Facebook account 

Don’t take hasty steps.

The first and foremost thing you have to take care of is don’t take hasty steps, as experts and professionals in this field suggest that taking hasty decisions and trying various things to unlock your Facebook account can make your situation severe and could lead to loss of your Facebook account.

It has also been stated by experts that do not touch your locked account for 96 hours straight to make sure things will not slip out of your hands.

It has been seen that after a specific time period Facebook automatically unlocks a locked account. Wait for 2-3 days and clear cache, cookies & history, and then retry signing in.

If your Facebook account doesn’t get unlocked even after 2-3 days, then there are probable chances that your Facebook account has been locked due to suspicious activity.

Confirm your Identity on Facebook.

If the above step doesn’t give you desired results, then try this method in which you have to confirm your identity or say validate yourself to Facebook. To confirm your identity to Facebook in order to get back your disabled Facebook account, head to the Facebook identification page by clicking on the below link

  • Once you have reached the Facebook identification page, now you have to fill out your email address and mobile number which is linked with your Facebook account in the respective field and hit the search button.
  • After that, you will receive a 6-digit verification code on your email address and mobile number.
  • Lastly, enter the code in the respective field and create a new password to confirm it, retype the same to confirm.

By applying these simple steps, you can recover a suspended Facebook account.

File an Appeal against the locked Facebook account.

If you feel you have not violated any of the Facebook guidelines or performed any sort of unlawful activity, in that case, Facebook allows its users to file an appeal against the locked Facebook account.

  • Next, you have to fill out your login email address or mobile phone number and after that enter the full name that you have set up during the registration.
  • Now, choose your ID and to attach it, click on choose files and simply hit on the send button to submit an appeal.

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