How to Uninstall Google Drive From Your Computer

Do you no longer want to use Google Drive? This article will show you how to uninstall Google Drive on your computer.

We’ll show you how to uninstall Google Drive from your Windows or Mac computer. In case you don’t require this extreme measure, we’ll also go over disconnecting and pausing Google Drive.

Backup and Sync vs. Google Drive

Before we get into how to uninstall Google Drive from your computer, it’s worth noting that the Google Drive desktop app has gone by a few different names.

While the app was originally known as Google Drive, Google renamed it Backup and Sync in 2017, though the software retained the majority of its functionality. Google Drive File Stream, a separate app, provided additional tools for business users.

If you still have the older Backup and Sync app installed on your computer, the steps to uninstall Backup and Sync may differ slightly. Before proceeding, update to the most recent Google Drive app.

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How to Disconnect Google Drive From Your Computer

Before deleting Google Drive entirely from your computer, you should disconnect your current machine from your Drive account. If you don’t want to completely remove the Google Drive app, you can do this as a stand-alone step.

To disconnect from Google Drive, launch the software. However, searching for it will not work because it simply launches the app. Instead, when the app is open, you must click its icon.

Google Drive’s familiar green, yellow, blue, and red triangle icon can be found in the System Tray at the bottom-right corner of your screen on Windows. To see all icons, you may need to click the arrow.

On a Mac, the same icon can be found in the menu bar at the top of the screen. On the macOS app, however, the Google Drive icon lacks color.

If you do not see this icon, Google Drive is not operational. To launch it on Windows, press the Windows key and type “Google Drive,” then press Enter. On a Mac, open Spotlight by pressing Cmd + Space, then type “Google Drive” followed by Return to launch it. The icon should appear once the app has started.

Click this icon, regardless of platform, to open a panel with Google Drive information. To open Google Drive’s options menu, click the Settings gear, then Preferences.

Click the Settings gear icon once more in the Google Drive preferences panel. Select Disconnect account. Any files in My Drive, as well as mirrored files, will remain on your PC, but future changes will not sync to Google Drive. To confirm, click Disconnect.

Anything you do in your Drive account on other devices will no longer be reflected on your current computer, and changes to files in your Drive folder on your computer will no longer sync elsewhere. To begin, you must reconnect your Google account in the app.

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In general, you should only uninstall the app for troubleshooting purposes or if you are certain you no longer want to use it. If you want to make extensive changes to local files without affecting what’s in your Drive, disconnecting is sufficient

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