How to fix canon mx922 support code b200?

In the past the printing industry has experienced enormous growth, which has made our everyday work effortless and efficient. There are many printing equipment available on the market, with a wide range of technical specifications. In spite of that the Canon Pixma 922 printer is among them. It is a Canon printer is among the top in their class and are designed to provide acceptable print results. Sometimes, however, the technology is odd, reducing the overall processing process and also the techniques for handling errors. Error code b200 on Canon printers may affect the overall speed of print processing. This error code is connected with the area of the cartridge of the printer’s system.

This blog post explains in detail the error-detection process used to solve this canon mx922 support code b200.

What exactly is the error code B200?

Typically an error code of b200 in the Canon Pixma MX922 printer indicates a defective print head.

What are the causes of the error b200 within your Canon Pixma Mx 922 Printer?

This error message 200 that was displayed in Canon printer models could affect the speed of printing and also the processing. This is due to several crucial reasons which are described below.

  • Drying up cartridge
  • Replica ink cartridge
  • Overheating
  • Cartridges jamming
  • Waste tank filled

Dryed up cartridge

If you don’t use your printer for an extended period of time and then you return to it the error Canon b200 can be observed. The Canon MX922 printer can accept two kinds of cartridges that are 2 and 4+. Both will run dry if not utilized for a long time.

Replica ink cartridge

Sometimes, an ink of poor quality installed in the system may cause a major change in the system. In the event that you use it, the system, it can ruin the printing experience. It is recommended you make use of the original ink cartridge from Canon printer.


If you are publishing more than one document at a time over a prolonged period You may notice Canon printer error b200 blinking on your monitor. The print head gets overheated because of the excessively filled instructions, and the printer is unable to connect to the cartridge. The printing ceases to function and shows the Canon MX922 support code b200.

The cartridges are jammed

It has been discovered that in certain instances jamming the cartridges of ink part or region of the printer could cause many serious issues. The error caused paper to drip. It’s recommended you clean and inspect the cartridge’s section thoroughly.

Tank filled with waste

Canon MX922 comes with an internal waste ink container. When cleaning the tank it is able to collect and store the waste ink. Canon MX922 error b200 may occur if the tank is completed. To fix the issue check and clean the tank.

How can I solve the Canon B200 Error Code?

This is the step-by-step guide to troubleshoot the error code b200 on Canon printer models.

Start the printer

One of the best solutions to get rid of the error for the Canon printer is to turn off the printer. Restart it and check if the MX922 support code b200 disappears.

Replace cartridges

It is essential to follow these steps to complete the task:

  • Reconfigure the cartridges. To restore the linkage between the cartridges to the printer, remove all the cartridges that were previously used then swap them out with a brand new model, or reinstall them.

Examine the cartridge for your printer to learn more about the issue and the solutions.

Clean and reinstall the print head

  • Separate the printer head from the printer and clean those gold connectors on its backside with care. After everything is cleaned ensure that the ribbon cable is properly connected to the printer head prior to reinstalling it.
  • After you’ve eliminated the head of your printer then run it through hot water to remove any remaining ink prior to replacing it.

Reload the driver

The end result is that corrupted driver software for the printer within the system could affect the performance of the printer system. The only solution to fix the issue with the printer is to load the driver in the system.

Click on the printer driver installation to access the pertinent details.


Canon printers are well-known that produces high-quality prints. Inconsistencies can be fixed however, you should exercise extreme caution when you decide to wash the head of your printer. It is not recommended to do this unless you are familiar with the device as otherwise, you could end up damaging it. Start by trying other techniques before choosing this one. Contact us for more assistance.

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