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Rampage must fight two times in order to claim the title. The recent fight with Dana White won’t get him the title immediately. I’d guess he’ll need defeat Rashad Evans to earn the title of the top contender. I’m guessing that he’ll be fighting championship belts for sale for a title fight during the last month of 2010. He beats the two opponents who are ahead of him. Rampage is my top man to defeat and can cause nightmares for anyone who is in the division of light heavyweight.

Antonio Rogelio Nigeria, a new UFC fighter UFC may be a newcomer to MMA However, this former Pride champion proved his worth to defeat Luiz Arthur Cane at UFC 106 and appears currently in the middle of a bout with counterpart, the light heavyweight champion Brandon Vera. Antonio Rogelio Nigeria sent shockwaves across Light aaaa replica belt Heavyweight Division. It was his first victory against Cane who was thought to be one of the best three fighters in the world at 205-205. I’d like to see him take revenge on the loss he incurred in the fight against Shogun at his Pride times, so there is a chance that he’ll come within two victories away from getting the crown.

Also, Brandon Vera, my second choice as a title challenger as well as the circumstances surrounding his “loss” during the bout against Couture were a bit off. He has also defeated two other heavyweights and even beat Krzysztof Lodzinski. Vera has also scored significant victories at the UFC against a former heavyweight champ. Vera is a pro wwe authentic belt athlete with two skills that separate him from the rest of the field. His May Thai is on an entirely different scale in addition, the discipline associated with Greco Roman Wrestling provides an ideal base to complement his ability at May Thai. Vera is currently at 205 and it appears that Vera could have the potential to be a formidable NWA domed globe belt. In the heavyweight division, there are a lot of contenders in the heavyweight.

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There could be up to 5 title challengers. First, Frank Mir beat Lesner using an ointment lock. This was however during Lesner’s debut. There’s the myth of Mama Antonio Rodrigo Nigeria who seems to be back to his best since his injury. Nigeria could exert champion belts wwe the pressure on Lesner because of his BJJ capabilities and also having a Black Belt in Judo. It could give him a new challenge. Cain Velasquez has six victories in the UFC and has never lost. Cain will face Antonio Rodrigo Nigeria at UFC 110 and will decide who will be next leading contender.

Junior dos Santos is 4 and has a win in the UFC. UFC, Dos Santos has caught the attention of the world with striking impressively against Fabrizio Wardom, and Stefan Struve, both by massive knockouts. Then the TKO victory over Mirko Crow Cop Filipodia? In UFC 103. dos Santos faces Dutch Gilbert Yves at UFC 108 with a victory. would place champion belts wwe Dos Santos in the second category for heavyweights. Division. The final competitor will be Shane Carwyn.

Carwyn has been a winner three times in the UFC and his record for all of his fights is 11 wins without defeats. Carwyn is set to fight Lesner in a title fight however due to injury as well as illness, this fight may be put off until June. The concept has been put up that Mir might get the chance to face Carwyn in the event that Lesner isn’t able to get back fully fit soon.

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