How to Fix the Minecraft Error? Minecraft Error

Have you registered your account with Minecraft? And your age is under 18 years. Then you will likely get Minecraft aka. ms/account settings error. To solve the issue you have to change the age, or you can also repair and reset the Minecraft app. Apart from issues related to age group and App, head towards other methods by which it can be fixed.

How to Fix Minecraft Error?

Here we will discuss the step-by-step guide on how to fix Minecraft aka. ms/account settings error.

1. Restart your device

To restart your device can be the easiest and best way to solve Minecraft error issue. This issue most likely happens due to the presence of glitches and bugs inside the game files.

2. Login Again To your Xbox Account

To eradicate this issue you can log out from your Xbox account and login yourself again to check whether the issue gets resolved or not.

3. Reset The Minecraft Launcher

If the issue remains the same then you should try to reset the Minecraft launcher first. By resetting the Minecraft launcher, all the bugs and glitches get deleted. Still, facing the same issue? Read further for another solution.

4. Uninstall and install Minecraft again( re-install)

If none of the above-mentioned solutions will work for you. Then try to uninstall the Minecraft App and install it again to check whether the issue gets resolved or not. If none of it helps you, you should try reinstalling the Minecraft launcher on your PC. 

If none of the above-mentioned fixes will resolve the Minecraft aka. ms/account settings error then kindly contact the Minecraft support team to look into your matter. While fixing the aka. ms/account settings Minecraft error, you have to log out of your MS account from all devices. Tyr to restart the Minecraft again to check the fixes.

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