How Does Sound work on Reddit App

Reddit is a very wonderful application that can be used by people as a source of entertainment and news. You can use the application to get the latest updates about various things in the world and also the latest entertainment news. However, there is one downside to the application it is mute by default and you need to turn on the sound of the application to hear the videos on the application. So in this guide, we are going to tell you how to get sound on the Reddit mobile application so that you can hear the videos and music on the application. 

Steps to Enable Sound in the Reddit Application

The Reddit app videos no sound feature can be very irritating and hence, you can follow the steps that we are giving here to turn on the sound on the application. 

  • The first method to turn on the sound is to use the volume up and down button of the mobile. You can also turn off the silent mode if it is turned on on your device. 
  • The next method that you can use is from the feed of the Reddit application. When you see a video on the application, you need to tap the Speaker icon to turn on the sound. 
  • If you are facing a Reddit app no sound iPhone issue then, you can install Apollo for the Reddit application to get sound in your videos. 

Hope you have understood the different methods with which you can enable the sound in your application.

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