How to Fix Instagram Feed Not Showing New Posts?

Instagram Feed Not Showing New Posts

Instagram is the most used social platform; from entertainers to influencers to business owners to customers, and millions of people depend on Instagram. In case users face the issue of Instagram Feed Not Showing New Posts; it can annoy and upset many people and also affect the work people.

Ways to Fix the Issue of Instagram Not Refreshing?

Below we have mentioned all the troubleshooting methods to fix the issue of Instagram not refreshing.

Method 1: Contact the Instagram Support Team

Users need to contact the Instagram support team; by filing the complaint on the Instagram web browser version and going to the Help center. Users can also try using best-quality Instagram plugins such as Instagram Feed Pro which provides a quick & effective high-quality support team to fix the concerned issue.

Method 2: Check  WordPress is Updated

Many users prefer using WordPress for Instagram feeds but in case the WordPress used by the user is outdated, it can lead to Instagram can’t refresh feed error. To fix this error, users need to update their WordPress latest version as the old version can also lead to opening back doors for hackers and viruses.

Method 3: Update Your Instagram Feed Plugin

When choosing the best Instagram Feed Plugin; users also need to make sure that they are the latest & updated plugin before availing benefits from it. Instagram plugins to show the latest feed, have to connect with Instagram’s API. Plugins with the help of API show the latest feed on the platform.

Instagram keeps updating its API, if that doesn’t match with the outdated plugin, the error can occur. Ergo, users need to keep their Instagram Feed Plugins updated as well.

Method 4: Update Your Instagram Access Token

Once the Instagram Access Token is generated, it helps users to get access to their Instagram account on a web browser. To avoid the error Instagram won’t refresh; users must keep their Instagram Access Token updated so that the site can connect with the Instagram platform again.

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