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Everything you need to know about SEO

We all are familiar with SEO, but do you know what it encompasses? It is a multi-faceted concept that is very deep, and the more you try to get your hooks into it, the more successful you will be in the long run. It is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than paid one. This unpaid traffic may originate from different kinds of searches. It includes images, video searches, news searches and academic searches—we all know the importance of search engine visibility on the website. We know how SERPs matter. Ranking highly on a search engine means your website will have a very high chance of converting its users to sales. 

SEO is the term that is used for the practices involved in improving a website’s ranking. Increasing the chances of being visible through relevant organic searches is essential. 

The following are there separate factors that matter in SEO-

1. The quality of traffic

It is essential to ensure that the people who visit your website regularly are genuinely interested in the products. They should stick to it. They should also be interested in the services you are willing to offer them. Suppose prospective customers stumble on your website because they are looking for video games, and you sell video creation tools. Likely, you will not be able to convert that visitor to a sale as you do not meet the customer’s requirements.

  1. The quality of the traffic

You can only focus on increasing your website’s traffic once you make sure that the right people are visiting your website.

  1. Organic search results

This can be defined as any traffic you receive from the SERPs that you do not have to pay directly for the advertisement.

SEO is all about understanding the words your customers are searching for and what type of content your target audience likes to the consumer. Knowing the genre they are interested in and what draws their attention is crucial. It is essential to know the intent of your audience. It allows you to connect with quality prospective customers online. These people are the ones who are searching for a solution to their problems. 

How does SEO work?

In today’s time, everything is merely a click away! People also use search engines to answer pretty much all of their questions. You just have to type into Google, and there is an endless list of search results at your fingertips. However, there is a complex algorithm behind this. The search engines use a crawling process to serve you with all the results. Crawling is the process when the search engine crawlers are sent to visit all the pages that are acquainted with the engine. Thus, after that, they extract some information, and naturally, this process allows the search engines to index the webpage.

Once the page is on the index, it is then delivered to the algorithm, which matches the page’s data with the searches people do on the internet. Following are the ranking factors that Google makes use of for determining your page ranking-


This mainly involves the use of backlinks on the webpage.

On page

It is related to the number of keywords and information queries that can be found on the webpage.


It is the final measurement that determines the ranking of the page. 

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The content that is to be uploaded should be quality content. Following are some SEO factors that come into play if you wish to be successful at SEO-

  • Link building.
  • Feedback processing.
  • Keyword research.
  • Web design.
  • Strategies.

 Why should SEO be given so much importance?

Google determines which site deserves to rank highly for certain queries. It would be simple to manipulate the system with the bots without the techniques used by modern SEO. 

Contemporary SEO allows for a fairer playing field, and it also reduces the chances that people can manipulate the results. It is essential to work hard on your content and make sure that your website appeals to its visitors. This will lead to a higher score on the search engine rankings. SEO is of great importance if you want people to visit your website. It also enables you to push your website traffic. You also learn to control the budget and spend wherever necessary. SEO is the most cost effective method to increase the traffic of the website. You should not be happy with modest growth, you should work hard until you reach zenith! 

Why is SEO writing important?

SEO writing is the writing that is defined by a blog post which is optimized with the implementation of keywords and phrases. The SEO writers increase the organic results of the site. They also increase the position on the SERP rankings. Following are the three main types of searches that people do-

  • Navigational

This means that the user is looking for a particular website.

  • Informational

With this type of search, the users are looking for information on a specific topic.

  • Transactional

The users are looking to purchase a product or a service

What do you mean by keywords?

People often search for phrases on Google. The search engine will present the suggestions that are based on keywords and how well the SEO has been undertaken. You should have a high domain authority and a healthy backlink profile. This way, your Google rankings will skyrocket and they will be more than your competitors that are not following these tactics.

However, if your SEO is weak, you will rank lower than your competitors. Hence, keywords are important and they matter in SEO.

How to find keywords for SEO?

Before you begin creating any content, keyword research is important as it allows SEO writers and the marketers to analyze specific search terms that are entered into the search engines. When you research keywords, it will uncover all your potential questions. Keyword research is an on-going event in your online marketing strategies. You can also make use of a keyword search tool for average monthly amount of searches. 

There are two types of keywords such as-

  1. Short tail keywords

It is a search phrase that is made up of one to three words at a time and it can be very effective while driving high volumes of visitors to your site.

  1. Long tail keywords

It is a phrase that is more than three words long, and 70% of the internet searches are made up of the long tail keywords.


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