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Causes of Hearing Loss That Will Keep You Up at Night

Hearing loss is more prevalent than many of us imagine and understand. There are a variety of factors and causes which can start from childhood and often because of accidents. Following WHO, By 2050, around 2.5 billion will suffer from hearing loss. At the very least, 700 will require rehabilitation for hearing aids in Bangalore. More than one billion teenagers have a chance of having a permanent hearing loss that is preventable because of unsafe listening habits. While we usually define reasons for hearing loss based on the types or types, a few reasons remain unanswered for the most renowned audiologists and researchers. Most commonly, people suffer from total or partial hearing loss. Hearing loss can also be associated with tinnitus (the sound of a ringing in either the ear or head) or an imbalance.

Hearing loss is a result of the process of getting older, but today, the frequent use of earphones and exposure to loud sounds also causes hearing loss in young adults.

Are you aware of the possibility of hearing loss?

The most frequent sign is that you’re able to listen but cannot comprehend certain conversations, making the listener inactive. You may be irritable due to this issue, and certain noises such as ringing phones could start bothering you. In the following days, you may suffer from some serious symptoms like hearing loss or tinnitus.

Let’s look at the various kinds of hearing loss and the reasons.

  • Sensorineural hearing loss issue is usually in either the auditory nerve.
  • Conductive Hearing Loss –Sound waves that are not getting to the inner ear due to an injury or injury that might got into your middle part of the ear.
  • Mixed hearing lossThe difficulty in hearing is due to the combination of the two kinds mentioned above.

The causes of Hearing Loss

  • Hearing Loss Due to a Medical Condition 

There are a variety of diseases and illnesses that could lead to hearing loss. A few of them are listed below:

  • Middle Ear infections

This ear infections is the most patronize disease affecting the human ear. If not treated promptly, they can cause hearing loss. Always seek the advice of an ENT specialist in the event of problems with the ear.

  • Otosclerosis

This condition usually results from the inability to move tiny bones in the middle ear, which could cause hearing loss.Meniere’s disease is a complication that has no known cause. The causes of the disease are unidentified; the signs typically include the loss of balance, tinnitus, and vertigo, similar to vertigo.

  • Inherited Hearing Loss

As the name implies, hearing loss of this kind is generally hereditary and may be conductive, sensorineural or mixed. The genetic defect can be passed down to the child by parents, which results in hearing impairment. Children of parents who get married in the family or have a consanguineous relationship are more likely to develop this hearing degeneration. Hearing loss is often present and is detected as early as the birth of the child; however, in rare cases, it may become more gradual over time. In the case of severe hearing loss, depending on the extent of the loss in hearing, treatments or hearing aids are offered.

  • Hearing Loss induced by noise

Hearing loss caused by noise may result from continuous and extended exposure to noisy noises like traffic noises, construction noises or, in general, loud environments. This can adversely affect the inner ear hair cells and result in hearing loss, either in extreme cases or total loss of hearing. To protect yourself, It is advised by audiologists and doctors to wear earplugs or ear muffs during high-frequency noises and to make sure that your earphones are utilized correctly.

  • You may get affected from Hearing loss due to some Drugs and Medicines

You will likely be amazed to find out that there exist certain medicines and medications that can cause hearing loss. These are called Ototoxic drugs. Some of the instances of these drugs include:

Hearing loss isn’t just a result of only a couple of doses; however, if doses are consumed long over time, it has been confirmed to cause hearing loss. Scientists are working to determine the problem’s root cause and the minimally acceptable dosage for these drugs, but no breakthrough hasn’t been reached.

  • Tumours and Head trauma

Head traumas or any tumours could cause hearing loss. When a head injury is involved, the inner ear or a different part of the ear could be damaged, resulting in loss of hearing.

  • One Sided deafness

Unilateral hearing loss or deafness is symmetrical can occur due to various reasons discussed in the above or a combination of these causes.

  • Eardrum Perforations: Injury to the eardrum could cause hearing loss.
  • aminoglycoside antibiotics
  • Some diuretics
  • Drugs for chemotherapy

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