What to do when Canon printer is not working?

Canon printer is not working

Canon printer is a Japanese industry, best known for manufacturing optical and imaging gadgets like cameras, lenses, printers, etc. This company is also famous for manufacturing the best-quality printer devices. These printers are highly specialized and provide quality printouts. But some users reported that their printer device is not working. A printer can get into errors due to numerous reasons. 

Is your printer connected?

Many times, the printer seems connected but the PC shows no available status. This occurs when the Canon is not connected correctly. In a wired connection, inspect whether the cable is working or not. If the printer is not working then your cable is faulty. Change the cable for the printer. Only use a high-speed cable for the Canon printer. Connect the printer using the cable and check the error. 

How to connect Canon mg3620 printer to Wifi?

Printer error often occurs when the user is trying to connect the printer to Wi-Fi. After connecting to Wi-Fi, the user can share his Canon printer among several devices. You can connect the printer to Wi-Fi using a WPS pin. Check the router for the WPS pin and connect the printer. Go to the and click on the Wi-Fi button. The Wi-Fi lamp starts blinking and searching for the network. Now go to the printer screen and check for the router’s SSID. Click on the network name and create the connection. After connection, you can access the Canon printer from other devices on the same network.

Make sure you have the correct Canon printer driver

After connection, your printer will only take print jobs when the PC has its driver. A printer driver is a software that communicates with the printer. It transfers the print job from the computer to the printer. When the printer is not working, inspect for its driver. Open the computer and check its driver. Now go to the device and search for the Canon printer driver. Check the driver’s name and match it with your printer model. Every printer model has a different driver. You can’t use the same driver for different models. Install the related driver on the computer and then the printer will easily communicate. Send a print job and check your Canon printer.

Check the printer cartridges

The printer stops working when the cartridges are showing any error. If the printer shows an error, check the ink level on the cartridge. When the level is low then you should get a new Canon cartridge for the printer. Original printer cartridges cost a lot. Many people use clone cartridges on the printer. But the clone cartridge doesn’t fit correctly and the Canon error shows the error. Instead of using the clone cartridge, you can go for a cartridge refill. Take out the printer cartridge and refill the ink carefully. After refilling, reinsert those cartridges on your Canon printer and check the slot status. Sometimes the printer can’t identify the refilled cartridges. Remove all cartridges from your Canon printer. All printer slots will change to 0. Now start installing cartridges one by one on the printer. The refilled cartridge will get correctly installed with others. Now check the slot status and take your printouts.

Check the fuser and printhead

In a printer, the fuser is the main part that is responsible for the print. It fuses the ink on the printer using heat and pressure. But it gets overheated sometimes when the user is taking printouts simultaneously. Fuser stops working and the Canon printer shows an error. If the fuser is overheated then shut down the printer for a while. Otherwise, the fuser will burn out and you have to replace it. Also, check the printhead of your Canon device. The printhead often gets clogged due to the dry ink. You should use the Canon utility function to clean the printhead. Run the utility 4-5 times to remove all the dried ink. After cleaning, your Canon device will provide clear printouts.

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Reset your Canon printer 

If your Canon printer is showing the error after changing its settings then undo them. You may have made any invalid changes to the printer. Go to the printer’s settings page and undo them. In case you can’t undo those changes then go for factory reset. Open the printer’s menu page and click on setup. Tap on Device settings and go to the Reset option. Select the Factory reset option and tap on the OK button. After reset, reconnect the printer and take your printouts. 

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