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Buy Aquaguard Water purifiers Online For Your Home

Each water purifier has unique qualities: RO systems, charcoal filters, hot water outlets, to name a few. You could always go with the most expensive model or the most popular brands, but will that be a good option for your home? Also, what happens when you find that most of the online products are out of your budget? 

This article lists some of the best water purifier options out there. Our guide is short but comprehensive so that you can clear all your doubts about the best water purifier for your home. Read on to find out more.

Top Water Purifiers in India 


1. Aquaguard Ritz from Eureka Forbes

Best for Multistage water purification 

Bringing things to a close is one of the best water purifiers from India’s largest brand, Eureka Forbes. The Aquaguard Ritz is an RO and UV water purifier for home use, featuring an eight-stage purification process. Furthermore, this latest Aquaguard water purifier also uses alkaline booster technology that makes the water drinkable by increasing the pH level. In addition, this water purifier uses mineral guard technology to help keep water mineral-rich. In addition, you can either mount this 5.5. litres purifier on a wall or place it on the kitchen counter.

2. Glory Water Purifier from Aquaguard

Best for Features 

Also available is a seven-stage water purification system with the Aquaguard Glory from Eureka-Forbes. Several filtration technologies have been developed for drinking water from this Aquaguard water purifier, including the I-Filter, Chemi-Block, RO Membrane, UE e-boiling, Taste Adjuster, and Active Copper Technology. In the latter, copper ions and other essential minerals are infused into the water via a patented technology. According to the water purifier for home companies, its Taste Adjuster ensures sweet-tasting water, no matter from where it comes.

3. Ace Water Purifier from Kent 

Best for: Value for money

In addition to filtering out dissolved impurities such as chemicals and salts, the KENT Ace 8 litre RO + UV + UF + TDS water purifier also eliminates bacteria and viruses. Using Mineral ROTM Technology, Kent retains vital minerals while purifying water. This RO water purifier provides a water storage capacity of 8L.

4. MRB13 7 L RO + UV Water Purifier from Mi Smart

Best for Smartphone connectivity and control

Consider the Mi Smart water filter from Xiaomi if you’re looking for something smart. This device offers a water purifying system with a 5-stage process and a 7-litre capacity. However, the highlight of this device is its ability to connect to smartphones. In addition to tracking water quality, real-time TDS levels, filter life, and UV sterilization, users can also track the status of their water treatment systems. Furthermore, users can change their water filters themselves. So, there is no need to wait for a professional or pay them to do it for you.

5. Epic Purify Purifier for Mineral-Water from Aquagrand

Best for Bigger families 

Water purifiers like Aquagrand are ideal for families with many members. The 15-litre capacity is more than enough to store enough water for a large family. It can also be operated automatically. If the tank’s water level drops below a certain level, the purification process starts automatically. Purifiers automatically stop when full or if there is no inlet water.

6. AquaSure Delight RO+UV+MTDS from Eureka Forbes

Best for increased water supply

Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight is another RO+UV+MTDS Aquaguard water purifier from one of the best water purifier brands in India. 7-litre capacity and 6 stages of water purification are features of this water purifier. A food-grade plastic is used to construct the storage tank of this water purifier. This model can handle up to 300 TDS but doesn’t have any prefilters.

Everyone needs access to pure drinking water. You can do countless things to ensure that the water you’re getting at home is safe from bacteria and other harmful particles? A RO purifier is the best option you have available. Drinking water can be easily purified using these purifiers. 

Latest Aquaguard water purifiers are available with RO machines for double purification. Here are the top Reverse Osmosis water purifiers in the Indian market that we think are worth looking at. We will consider the price of RO water purifiers when deciding which ones to rank, but we won’t limit ourselves to that. Along with the users’ ratings, we will consider the features and specifications of the device.

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How to buy the best water purifiers in India?

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