Budget Friendly Way to Visit Disneyland

Disney is an amazing place and fun for families of all ages and sizes. With so many ways to visit Disneyland ranging from one day to a month, it can be challenging to determine which option fits your schedule. Luckily, there are plenty of budget friendly ways to visit Disneyland, so you don’t have break the bank doing it.

Use a Tourist Passport

If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland with a big group, consider buying a Tourist Passport for each person in your group. The passport provides guests with discounts on merchandise and dining options at select locations throughout the park. The best part about this deal is that it can save you up to 50 percent off certain items at participating stores and restaurants. Tourist Passports are available online through the official Disneyland website or at select locations throughout the park itself (such as Guest Relations).

Get Disneyland Tickets Beforehand

Tickets are sold online through the official Disneyland website or through third-party ticket sellers like Costco and Walmart. You can also buy them from scalpers outside of the park or from people who claim they have extra discounts on Disneyland tickets price that was bought but never used for various reasons (for example, if someone was injured on their trip). However, these tickets often come with an additional fee attached and may not be worth the money. If you can, it’s better to buy your tickets directly from Disney.

Check Airplane Ticket prices at Google Flights

Searching for flights at different times of day will also help you save money. For example, if you’re flexible about when you leave, it’s worth checking prices at midnight or 3:00 AM because airlines often release additional seats in those hours. You can also use Google Flights to compare different airlines and find the cheapest flight options available from your departure airport. It’s important to note that this tool only shows available flights and doesn’t include fees like baggage fees or advance seat assignments which may make some flights more expensive than others – so double-check your options before booking!

Stay off-peak times

During summer and spring break times, hotels can be difficult to find, and prices are higher than normal. If you can go during a less busy time of year (such as January through March), you’ll save on hotel costs as well as theme park prices and crowds.

Pack snacks and meals in advance

If you’re staying on-site at Disney World, then this is easy. The parks have lots of options for grabbing food on the go, and there are plenty of places to refill your water bottle. If you’re not staying on-site, you can still bring snacks and meals with you and save money by skipping out on dining in the park. If you’re staying at a hotel outside of Disney World, consider renting a kitchenette or small refrigerator from the front desk so that you can pack some snacks for later in the day when hunger sets in.

Use your smartphone as a guide

The app My Disney Experience will help you plan your day at the parks and make sure that all of the rides are open when you want them to be open. It also offers wait time estimates for rides and restaurants so that you can make smart choices about what to do next. Each park also has its own app with even more useful features than My Disney Experience has, so make sure to download them before your trip. If you are going with young children, consider downloading the Disney Junior app for kids. It will provide games and activities for your little ones throughout the day.

Stay at a Good Neighbor Hotel

If you’re planning a trip with kids, there are several hotels located just outside of Disneyland that offer free shuttle service to the park. These locations include the Courtyard Marriott Anaheim Resort/Convention Center, Residence Inn Anaheim Resort/Stadium Way, and Hilton Garden Inn Anaheim Resort/Convention Center Area. These hotels also provide complimentary breakfast and other amenities that are perfect for families with young children who may be tired after spending the day at Disneyland!

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