Best Treks to do in Uttarakhand


All travellers looking for hikes know Uttarakhand as the first word that springs to mind. There are three types of trekking trails in Garhwal and Kumaon (Uttarakhand): easy, moderate, and challenging. Uttarakhand trekking can entertain both amateur and professional trekkers. 


People come from all over the world to trek and explore Uttarakhand’s hidden gems, as well as to walk on the less travelled pathways. Treks like Kedarkantha and Chopta Tungnath have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Uttarakhand’s Top 10 Treks 

Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of Flowers, located in the west Himalayan region, spans an area of 87.50 square kilometres and is home to over 400 types of alpine flowers! It is located at an elevation of 3,658 metres above sea level in Bhyundar Valley. Valley of Flowers is a beautiful place.

Har ki Dun Trek

Har ki Dun is one of India’s most attractive destinations, offering a variety of trekking opportunities. Morinda Tal / Maninda Tall is a renowned tourist destination in the region that offers breathtaking views of the valley. Har ki Dun is a song written by Har ki Dun Valley that provides breathtaking vistas of unspoiled valleys in the Garhwal Himalayas. It is one of India’s most picturesque locations, with several trekking opportunities.

Kedarkantha Trek 

During the winter, the Kedarkantha trek is blanketed in shimmering snow, providing a stunning vista of the great Himalayan peaks. It’s in the Uttarakhand district’s Sankri range.


Kedartal Lake Trek

The lake of Kedartal is exquisite, with crystal pure water. At the base of the Thalay Sagar (6,904 mts) and Brigupanth Peak, the scenic Kedartal is located (6,772 mts). The view of Thalay Sagar peak reflected in Kedartal is very breathtaking. 

Kedartal, popularly known as ‘Shiva’s Lake,’ is one of Uttarakhand’s tallest lakes. At an elevation of 4,912 metres above sea level, the Uttarkashi district’s pristine glacier lake may be found. The Kedar glacier melts, forming Kedar Tal Lake, which feeds the Kedar Ganga River, a major tributary of the Bhagirathi River.


Dayara Bugyal Trek

During the winter, the Dayara Bugyal receives a lot of snow. At various points along the trail, the trip passes through open land and dense forest before arriving at a large expanse of a lush green meadow. With a wonderful view of the forest in front of you, the chilliness of the environment enhances the perfume and taste of the tea. Bugyal, Dayara


Rudranath Trek

The hike to Rudranath temple provides breathtaking views of nature’s diverse beauties. This exquisite hamlet is made up of Rudranath temple, wild grass meadows, deep woodland, and Himalayan views. The Panch Kedar includes Rudranath. Rudranath


Deoria Tal Trek

Deoria Tal is a beautiful emerald lake located at a height of 2438 metres above sea level. On a clear day in the early morning, Deoria Tal offers tourists reflections of Chaukhamba peaks in its crystal clear water. Deoriatal is a beginner-friendly weekend hike. Trekking to Bisuri Tal, Chopta via Rohini Bugyal, and even Tungnath and Chandrasila are all options.


Chopta Trek

Chopta is a charming village that has yet to be discovered by tourists.  From Chopta, you can see the spectacular Himalayan range, which includes Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Chaukhamba. When the sun kisses the snow-covered Himalayas in the morning, the view from Chopta is energising. Chopta


Pindari Glacier Trek

Pindari Glacier is the most accessible of all the glaciers, measuring approximately 3.2 kilometres in length and 1.5 kilometres in width. It rewards a well-paid visit any time between summers and early winters and is comfortably within reach of any trekker in six to seven days. 


Milam Glacier Trek

Milam Glacier Trek is the gateway to  the mysteries of Uttarakhand. The Milan Glacier is one of the most remote yet accessible glaciers in Uttarakhand, the Milan Glacier. The hike to the glacier begins with a 12-kilometre walk along the Gori River to Liam settlement. After 13 kilometres of trekking through dense forests and a difficult ascent, one arrives at Bagudyar at 2,509 metres. 

Milam Glacier Trek is a great opportunity to get a taste of Uttarakhand’s mystery. Milam Glacier is one of Uttarakhand’s most remote yet accessible glaciers.

All of the treks in Uttarakhand mentioned above will provide you with a glimpse of a variety of landscapes, including lush meadows, vast green valleys, infinite glaciers, rough terrains, snow-clad trails, and massive mountains.

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